UX Beyond The Pixel

Jon Fox, Director of UX at OpenX discusses how to take the skills of user experience design and use them to transform corporate culture and make work better for everyone. By using design thinking, companies and industries can be transformed to embrace UX increasing their ability to recruit, market and have fun at work.

This talk was given and filmed at the UX Strategies Summit in San Fransisco on June 11, 2015.


Mobile As A UX Driver

Jon Fox presents ‘Mobile As A UX Driver,’ showcasing how the user experience movement of simple design, quick data consumption and connectivity is driven by the rise in mobile devices, small screen applications and on-the-go mobility.

Music: The Curse Of Ka’Zar by Lemon Jelly


Simply UX

A presentation for IdeaLab and Ubermedia on the benefits of simplifying products and how to achieve better results through design.

Music: “In the Bath” by Lemon Jelly

Contains the video “I Luv UX Design” produced by addikt.